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Michael Wards Austin Artisan

Cancer Survivor Becomes Healing Chef

A man’s journey of surviving cancer to become a healing chef and passionate inspiration for wellness.  Are you on a path because it feels like the one you ‘should’ be taking? Do you recall a vision of what you thought success looked like and that is the road you now follow? Do you feel fulfilled? Is every morning a blessing? If the answer is no, ask yourself a question… Am I living my life from a fearless place or am I stuck based on my preconceived…

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Two Steps to Self Love and Joy LoveSelf

Two Simple Steps to Begin Everyday with Self Love and Joy

New Beginnings. Two Simple Steps to Begin Everyday with Self Love and Joy! As a new year opens it eyes, know that every moment is an opportunity for a new beginning. Not because we are dismissing our past, because we are integrating, accepting, loving, and choosing again. On this day, what can you do for yourself that will change your life and the lives of those around you? Did you know that one person choosing self-love and compassion impacts thousands? We are all one and…

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