11 steps to love yourself. Healing well with autoimmune celiac disease.

How to Love Yourself in 11 Simple Steps. Healing with autoimmune disease.

Real life wisdom from a woman who overcame depression and is living well with Celiac disease.


Figuring out that Celiac disease was at the root of many of my challenges was only half of the journey. Now that I am off of prescription medication, I am constantly balancing what it looks like to take care of myself and continue to heal. I have discovered there are a handful of tricks that help keep me on board when I feel the waves rocking me.

Below are eleven simple healing steps you can start doing today to improve your life mind, body, and spirit.

  1. Eat Real Food

Eating clean, unprocessed and whole foods is key to self-love. There is something sacred and powerful in buying, cooking and knowing all of the food you eat.

The process of discovering the foods that are nourishing for your body can seem daunting but there is a ton of healing and grace that goes along with it. I like to view it as a game! For fun steps check out Rachel’s 8 Things I Learned that Changed the Way I Eat Food. 

  1. Drink Water

Did you know that your body is 80% water? Something as simple as making sure I am hydrated is key in my energy and mood levels. Nourishing yourself in this way makes it easier to do all of the other self-care routines. Truly.

  1. Exercise

Produce that serotonin and get moving! As a survivor of sexual trauma, I always found exercise difficult and triggering. Once I changed my diet, I found that exercise became easier and brought me tremendous release! I try to move my body for 30 minutes a day at least be it walking, yoga, running, hiking or stretching. 

  1. Don’t Skimp on Sleep

It’s amazing what you are capable of when you are fully rested! Getting enough sleep is vital in making sure you have a clear mind and can take optimal care of yourself.

  1. Get Outside

My favorite way to get my Vitamin D is to GO OUTSIDE. Vitamin D helps with inflammation and has shown to lower depression. Being in the sunshine helps you with sleep, gives you energy and boosts your mood. Not to mention being in nature is healing in and of itself.

  1. Choose Spirituality

Making space in your life to nurture your relationship with spirituality will help you to remember what all of this is for in the moments when you don’t want to run, don’t want to cook another meal, or can’t handle the brain fog. There is something out there that is always able to fill you back up; something so deeply hopeful that you will be enriched and sustained through your journey. Finding spirituality that suits you can look many different ways and is entirely personal to YOU. 

  1. Get Creative

Try drawing, writing, coloring, cooking, knitting, or anything that lights you up! Find ways to be creative in your life even if it’s in moments where things feel dull and lifeless. It’s a beautiful tool to help bring magic into the ordinary.

  1. Choose Gratitude

Dealing with health issues can sometimes be a drag. In those moments when you want to have a cocktail with friends, would like to exercise but don’t feel well, or would dig having one of those double chocolate brownies. Practicing gratitude can be so inspiring and grounding. Try writing in a gratitude journal!

What are you grateful for right now?

  1. Socialize

Being around people can be super uplifting. When I am feeling blue, I reach out to friends. There is something special and energizing about laughter and community. They can mirror back your progress to you, help you remember what you’re doing all of this or can simply get your mind off of things.

  1. Honor your Aloneness

Healing at this level can bring up many different emotions and experiences. Taking time to be alone and to check in with yourself is key. I like to journal, meditate, hike, read, or get crafty

  1. Forgive Yourself

When I shifted to an anti-inflammatory autoimmune disease diet, I also started working a spiritual self-study program that is all about changing your thoughts to ones of forgiveness. When you forgive yourself, you forgive the world.

Forgive yourself for everything in the past. It has created a beautiful you.

Forgive yourself for the judgement about your body, forgive yourself when you break and eat something you felt you shouldn’t, forgive yourself when you don’t exercise as hard (or as easy) as you feel would be best. Always remember to forgive! You’re doing the best you can.

I am currently still practicing my dance of balancing self-care and self-love by listening to my body and allowing clarity and peace to move through me. There are still days where I struggle and then there are days when I am so darn hopeful I feel like I am going to burst. This is what it means to be alive! I am so grateful to have gotten to this place I have always fervently hoped for.

I believe in the magic of self-love.

When we love ourselves we can more easily love others. I am so grateful to share my story and hopefully inspire others on their wellness journey. There is hope! You can absolutely do this!


Beth Cantrell
You will most likely find Beth singing, hiking, reading or writing in the mountains around Denver, CO. She is currently working to go back to school to be a Holistic Health Coach where she will incorporate energy work with nutritional healing to help individuals who struggle with mental health and trauma. Beth has worked for 6 years doing sexual violence prevention work and is currently working in the natural foods industry. You can find her on her Instagram “Beth_Marie_Wellness” or contact her at beth1132@gmail.com