LoveSelf Gluten Free Paleo Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake

Paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Healing with the power of paleo and self-love. Dessert for breakfast? Breakfast for dessert?! You can definitely have your cake and eat it too with our amazing Paleo Pumpkin Coffee Cake. Our inspiring person, Melanie, created this gluten free, grain free recipe in honor of her LoveSelf inspiring feature. Learn how she healed from body image issues, an eating disorder, and depression with the power of self-love and food. Enjoy our gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free, Paleo, Autumn inspired healing delight! Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake…

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Suresh Miller

Adoption And The Spirit of Food

An unbelievable story of two families, an adoption of a teenage boy, and the healing spirit of food. As I began to write this story, I wondered how to describe a journey that is incredible and almost unbelievable in its winding road. The genesis of the article was a relatively standard nomination. An organic focused Eastern Indian chef was being introduced as a potential candidate for a LoveSelf feature. As I sat down to speak with him, his story quickly became anything but typical. Introducing…

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Susan Brown Mademoiselle Miel

Bees, Healing Chocolate, and the Power of Spirit

If Susan’s life were a movie, the first frame would be a woman in a full body cast, with a back broken in five places. The next image would show a cute and regal brunette on a roof, surrounded by bees. You would later find out that these two people were one and the same. A story of bees, healing chocolate, and the power of spirit.  “Knowledge is not actually in our brains. It is in our hearts.” Healing stories and the power of food are…

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LoveSelf Three ways to get a better nights sleep tonight

Three Ways to Get Better Sleep Tonight!

Sleep is so important to self care. Check out the simple tips from our contributing holistic MD to get better sleep starting tonight. Sleep. We need it, we covet it, and some of us even dream of ways to get more of it! Every major medical organization recommends 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each and every night. Why? Getting enough sleep, and enough good sleep (deep, restorative REM sleep) allows us to have more energy, improves our memory and our moods, lessens our anxiety and…

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Ayurveda Dosha

Learn about Ayurveda and Determine Your Dosha!

Learn about Ayurveda and determine your healing food dosha! Ayurveda (pronounced Aye-ur-ve-dah) is a 5,000 year old art and science of balance. Taken apart, Ayu = Life, and “Veda” = Knowledge. Balance according to Ayurveda equals health and wellness. This ancient healing system has a prescription for healing via the foods we eat each day. There are two words to become familiar with in the Ayurvedic vernacular, and they are “Dosha” and “Sadahana”. Dosha means one’s mind/body/spirit “personality”, and Sadahana means routine. In a nutshell,…

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