LoveSelf Paleo Chocolate Banana Pancakes

Chocolate Banana Paleo Pancakes

In honor of a Elliana, introducing LoveSelf Chocolate Banana Paleo Pancakes! Dearest LoveSelf’ers, In honor of 4 year old Elliana, I created these amazing LoveSelf Chocolate Banana Paleo Pancakes. Elliana has Celiac disease and adores bananas and chocolate. What is more kid friendly than chocolate for breakfast?! I used all healing ingredients, including raw cacao and organic banana flours. So easy, gut healing, and incredibly yummy. Add walnuts to keep your brain happy and healthy! Here’s to a happy belly, loving heart, and inspired life. XO! Rachel…

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LoveSelf Learn the symptoms of celiac disease

A Story of Celiac, a Little Girl, and Her Mother’s Love. Learn the symptoms of Celiac Disease in your child.

A story of a mother and her pre-school age daughter working through the challenges of Celiac Disease. Learn how intuition and a mother’s love brought healing to a baby girl. There is something inherently special about a bond between a mother and a child. There is a connection between the two that goes beyond understanding, beyond anything of this Earth—a spiritual connection. Because of this connection, mothers instinctively sense changes in their children that even a doctor can’t detect. Meet Kelly Johnson, a loving mother…

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LoveSelf five minute Paleo Chocolate Fudge

Five Minute Paleo Chocolate Fudge

Just because you are dealing with autoimmune disease or leaky gut symptoms does not mean you have to sacrifice yummy dessert. Our Paleo Chocolate Fudge takes only five minutes and will have your heart and belly singing happy songs. Check out our super easy chocolate fudge recipe. Our Paleo Chocolate Fudge is also refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and grain free. Our recipe uses a coconut base your belly will love. Enjoy! Paleo| Gluten Free | Dairy Free | Refined Sugar Free | Soy…

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Paleo and Gluten Free Fruit and Honey Chocolate Truffles

For the Love of Bees and Paleo Chocolate Truffles

For the love of bees and paleo chocolate truffles. Susan Brown, chocolatier and beekeeper extraordinaire, created this Gluten Free and Paleo Fruit and Honey Chocolate Truffle Recipe just for LoveSelf. Gluten free, refined sugar free, dairy free, and paleo, the Fruit and Honey Chocolate Truffle is incredibly easy to make and your belly will sing with happiness. Print Paleo Gluten Free Fruit and Honey Chocolate Truffles Ingredients 6 ounces unsweetened organic chocolate 1/2 cup raw honey 1 cup pomegranate or raspberry juice 1 vanilla bean Instructions Cut…

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A Sticker for Self Love

An Easy Mindfulness Practice for Self Love

How a sticker inspired self-love and a return to the present moment. LoveSelf’s contributor Beth Ricanati, MD offers a simple practice for mindfulness and self-love. We all need friendly reminders sometimes. I want to share a great reminder that I learned: a reminder to take a deep breath and allow my best self to shine. How? With the help of a little blue dot.   You place one little blue dot sticker anywhere you need a reminder to take a deep breath and return to self-love. You…

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