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Healthy Fast Food and the Mom Who Made it Happen!

Introducing healthy fast food! Gluten free,  paleo, sugar free, non-GMO, and the dietician mom that made it happen. 

For as long as I can remember I have been telling anyone who would listen about my vision for healthy fast food. A place of tasty wellness that rounds out the perfect road trip or a quick and easy option for working families.

Imagine a vibrant colorful storefront beckoning you in the doors. Now envision being greeted by happy people and endless amounts of prepared dishes just waiting for you to take home and gobble up. And the dream doesn’t end there! Suddenly the story gets even better because this beautifully prepared food is not only delicious it is healing. As you enthusiastically explore you find gluten free, paleo, non-GMO, vegan, refined sugar free, dairy free, and so much more. Lasagna! Pancakes! Enchiladas! Oh my goodness!!! Don’t pinch me I may wake up.

Paleo, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, dairy free! Lasagna! Pancakes! Enchiladas! Oh my goodness! Don’t pinch me, I may wake up.

Guess what? Such utopia does exist and not just in our dreams. Welcome to Snap Kitchen and the lovely woman that helps make this dream a reality. Introducing Ms. Andrea Hinsdale, dietician, mom, and the first member of the Snap Kitchen team. Snap Kitchen Gluten Free

Snap Kitchen was founded by Martin Berson. Martins’s inspiration came from his desire to help his diabetic wife with wellness food options. His goal of no white sugar or flour, healthy, and convenient options was a revolutionary new concept. .Snap Kitchen Cold Pressed Juice


Andrea is part of the Snap Kitchen dietician and chef led foodie-duo. Partnering with Executive Chef Matt Reinhart, Andrea and Matt together create a menu that will forever change your concept of fast food. Recall that enchilada I spoke to you about? Not only is it gluten free, paleo, and dairy free, it is delicious!! The dynamic duo created a cashew vegan cream that will make your taste buds giggle. Do you love meatballs or salmon? How about pancakes or a fruit tart? Cold pressed juice? A stunning quinoa salad? Snap Kitchen has it all! Every item is meticulously selected for its optimal ingredients and as Andrea says, “we keep working until the dishes are perfect”. And perfect they are. No GMO’s. Organic. Bright seasonal ingredients. YUM!

The dynamic duo created a cashew vegan cream that will make your taste buds giggle.

Snap Kitchen Paleo Enchilada

Because she walks her talk, kale was one of the first things Andrea fed to her two young children. She knew that her food wisdom had been heard when her young daughter came home from school and suggested better options for the school lunch menu. Andrea desires this knowledge for all children. She knows that we must teach our kids about healthy food and make nutrition accessible to everyone.

I asked Andrea what makes her heart sing. She spoke of never feeling like she has worked a day in her life because everyday is a contribution. “Food makes us happy”, she tells me. Yes it does!Snap Kitchen


Can’t wait a moment longer? We have a Snap Kitchen gluten free veggie lasagna recipe just for you! Enjoy and happy LoveSelf day!




Rachel Kahn
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