Gluten Free Expo

Gluten Free Expo

Gluten Free Expo 2015!

Hey LoveSelfers! This is Rachel. I am so excited to announce LoveSelf’s partnership with the Gluten Free Expo in Phoenix, Arizona. The biggest gluten free and allergen event in the US!

I will provide you the most up to date information from the expo including gluten free baking and cooking trends, along with seeking out those perfect gluten free products to highlight. As you know, at LoveSelf we are all about telling the inspiring stories. Of course that means I will also feature attendees making a fabulous difference in earth loving gluten free food. Wow!

Join me in Phoenix on the 17th! Tickets can be purchased on our events page. And because the early bird gets the worm, we have great discounts available to you!

Stay tuned! The greatest in gluten free coming your way!


Rachel Kahn
Founder at LoveSelf

Rachel Kahn is the founder of LoveSelf, a gluten free paleo wellness magazine dedicated to helping you discover your Happy Belly, Loving Heart, and Inspired Life. Rachel began studying holistic health and nutrition over a decade ago and attributes her own healing to lessons in body nurturing choices. Rachel is highlighting inspiring people healing with the power of real food and self-love.