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anti-inflammatory turmeric three beneficial hows of turmeric

The Anti-Inflammatory Power of Turmeric. Answers from our holistic MD.

The three beneficial HOWs of Turmeric! How does it work? How do you buy it and how do you use it? All answered here by our amazing contributing physician Beth Ricanati, MD. Looking for a food ingredient that has a tremendous amount of science behind it, tastes good, and keeps us healthy? Let’s talk about the iconic Indian spice, turmeric. Ayurvedic and Indian medicine practitioners have been using turmeric for thousands of years; now researchers have been able to pinpoint what the Ayurvedic practitioners knew…

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Six Benefits of Asparagus

Six Benefits of Asparagus. For the Love of Renewal and Asparagus

In honor of Spring renewal, introducing our six favorite benefits of asparagus and recipes! Spring has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere and with it the return of our beloved asparagus. In honor of mama earth renewal and her little green sprouts, we are so excited to share with you the six benefits of asparagus and fabulous recipes! Asparagus is another of nature’s miracle foods. When Spring arrives so do these amazing little green asparagus spears. Did you know that asparagus is only recognizable several days each…

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A Sticker for Self Love

An Easy Mindfulness Practice for Self Love

How a sticker inspired self-love and a return to the present moment. LoveSelf’s contributor Beth Ricanati, MD offers a simple practice for mindfulness and self-love. We all need friendly reminders sometimes. I want to share a great reminder that I learned: a reminder to take a deep breath and allow my best self to shine. How? With the help of a little blue dot.   You place one little blue dot sticker anywhere you need a reminder to take a deep breath and return to self-love. You…

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11 steps to love yourself. Healing well with autoimmune celiac disease.

How to Love Yourself in 11 Simple Steps. Healing with autoimmune disease.

Real life wisdom from a woman who overcame depression and is living well with Celiac disease.   Figuring out that Celiac disease was at the root of many of my challenges was only half of the journey. Now that I am off of prescription medication, I am constantly balancing what it looks like to take care of myself and continue to heal. I have discovered there are a handful of tricks that help keep me on board when I feel the waves rocking me. Below…

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LoveSelf Three ways to get a better nights sleep tonight

Three Ways to Get Better Sleep Tonight!

Sleep is so important to self care. Check out the simple tips from our contributing holistic MD to get better sleep starting tonight. Sleep. We need it, we covet it, and some of us even dream of ways to get more of it! Every major medical organization recommends 6-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep each and every night. Why? Getting enough sleep, and enough good sleep (deep, restorative REM sleep) allows us to have more energy, improves our memory and our moods, lessens our anxiety and…

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