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Andrea Hinsdale Snap Kitchen

Healthy Fast Food and the Mom Who Made it Happen!

Introducing healthy fast food! Gluten free,  paleo, sugar free, non-GMO, and the dietician mom that made it happen.  For as long as I can remember I have been telling anyone who would listen about my vision for healthy fast food. A place of tasty wellness that rounds out the perfect road trip or a quick and easy option for working families. Imagine a vibrant colorful storefront beckoning you in the doors. Now envision being greeted by happy people and endless amounts of prepared dishes just waiting…

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Ritz Carlton Inspired Gluten Free Feast

Chef Daniel at the Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain creates a gluten free wellness feast that will inspire your next dinner party. And he gave us the recipes! If you ever thought losing the gluten would mean sacrifice, you are about to be forever changed. Welcome to true farm to table decadence with a focus on organic wellness. Recall our dear Farmer Starkey? The loving abundance from his farm is the spark that ignited this meal.  For our first course, I was served a Tepary bean soup…

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Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

How to find love in each other. Five simple steps on the journey of love and food.

On this journey of love and food, some moments are so incredible that I want to shout from the rooftops, giggle, dance, and spin. Two days ago I arrived in Arizona. In that time the beauty of the human spirit has expressed itself in countless seconds of inspiration. How do you find it? Stay open. Pay attention. Look. Smile. Listen. Open your heart to your journey and you never know what you will find. A stranger, learning of the LoveSelf travels, offered her home. Now…

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