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Kristian is currently a Senior at Northern Kentucky University, pursuing a degree in English. Her passion for words are echoed in everything she does, from writing for several publications, to editing and working with students. She has aspirations of owning a bookstore one day where her own novel will be seen on a shelf. She believes in the power of friendship and self-care.
LoveSelf Learn the symptoms of celiac disease

A Story of Celiac, a Little Girl, and Her Mother’s Love. Learn the symptoms of Celiac Disease in your child.

A story of a mother and her pre-school age daughter working through the challenges of Celiac Disease. Learn how intuition and a mother’s love brought healing to a baby girl. There is something inherently special about a bond between a mother and a child. There is a connection between the two that goes beyond understanding, beyond anything of this Earth—a spiritual connection. Because of this connection, mothers instinctively sense changes in their children that even a doctor can’t detect. Meet Kelly Johnson, a loving mother…

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